How to Take Advantage of Offers Like DreamCloud Sleep Discount and Other Tips on Mattress Buying

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If you don’t like going to mattress stores or if Bed, Bath and Beyond realize that people have more options other than their stores, specialty shops and department stores will no longer have the power to dictate where people can buy mattresses. People can now purchase quality and affordable mattress online or at warehouse clubs, and competition to attract more customer is getting more intense than ever.

Compare the types

If you are looking for a new mattress, it is hard to choose because of different choices and prices. From $50, low-quality mattresses, to $1,000 and above, high-quality beds, fit for a king. Years of testing show that, whatever type of mattress you choose, you only need to cough up $1,000 to get a supportive and comfortable mattress. Here are the types you need to look out for:


It is one of the most widely used mattresses and the favorite of most people according to surveys. People that suffer joint and back pain prefer to use foam because it relieves pain and pressure better than other types of mattress available today. Although a lot of manufacturers use polyurethane to make foam layers, some use latex as well. Foam is soft when you lie on it, and it molds better with your body. It also springs back to its original form once you get up.


Traditional innerspring mattresses comprise 60% of all sold mattresses today. Innersprings are traditional mattresses, that is composed of steel coils of different sizes and configuration. It includes pillowtop layers, single layer cushioning or infused gel. Some mattresses have at least two layers of foams on top of the springs; they are called “Hybrids.” Most models with innersprings are easy for shifting position, but other models, especially with fewer foam layers.

Adjustable Air

This type of mattress is more modern since it is remotely controlled, the firmness can be changed using an electronic pump attached to the bed. The pump will let you decide how firm you want your bed and make sure that it suits your needs.

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Mattress myths

More coils, the better

According to tests, most models, if innerspring mattresses have at least 600 coils, some have 1000 coils at most. But it does not mean that the more coils the bed has, the better. It still has to depend on the thick the metal used. Thinner coils are softer to touch while thick ones are firmer and sometimes causes a backache.

Gel-infused foams have a cooling effect

Most innerspring mattresses used in studies use a gel-infused foam layer, that is said to provide a cooling effect. It is not true. At least 10% of the test subject that uses gel-infused foam still retains warmth. Overall, studies have shown that, although gel has a cooling effect, gel-infused foams does not mean it also has a cooling factor.

Extra back support helps people with back problems

Most manufacturers advertise their product as the best mattress with a particular back-support zone. It is a way to overprice their products. But there is no such guarantee that lumbar-support area helps people with back problems sleeps better at night.

Forget About Comparison Shopping

If you are shopping for a specific type of mattress and the store you checked don’t have that type of mattress, more likely the salesperson will recommend you a mattress with the same brand with the same firmness and components, but reality is they just want to sell you a particular model that doesn’t sell much. Forget about comparison shopping because most manufacturers don’t publish directories of comparable mattresses. You can use rating sites as a guide and insist on the salesperson the exact model that has the highest rating.

Shopping Tips

If possible, you have to test the mattress by lying down in it. Don’t wear fitting clothes when mattress shopping because you can’t properly feel the softness of the mattress. If possible, tell the salesperson to back away to avoid pressure. Spend at least two minutes lying on your side, in your stomach and your back to make sure you will get the mattress that suits your needs. You also need to find the best-priced mattress on the market. Don’t just waste a thousand dollars on overpriced foams. You can check websites like for offers and coupons so that you can save on quality products. Remember good mattresses are not cheap, cheap mattresses are not good.

On delivery day

Don’t accept the delivery without checking the mattress. Check every inch of it. If there’s a stain or the spring is damaged, and make sure that the labels are attached. If something is not right, don’t accept it. If the delivery insists that you receive the mattress, take a picture of it for evidence in case you want to return it. And don’t forget to keep the receipt.

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